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How to make a SB video


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Author Topic: How to make a SB video  (Read 11616 times)
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« on: March 08, 2009, 10:58:38 PM »

What you need:
  • Shadowbane recordings
  • Shadowbane client
  • Video editing software
  • A site to upload to
  • At least 10GB free space on your HD

Step 0 (Optional):
Make a copy of your Shadowbane folder. Set the resolution to whatever you want your video to eventually be. FRAPS has a max resolution that it can record in full-screen, so make sure it is below that. Make a new character with a long, easily recognizable name and set his UI to how you want the video to look in the video. Also, turn off mouse-overs in the settings.

Step 1- Recording in Shadowbane:
When recording in Shadowbane, name the recording something that makes sense so you will find the correct recording later on. Shadowbane recordings get bugged very easily, so don't alt-tab when you are recording. Also, try not to make your recordings unnecessarily long. Always stop and start a new recording in between fights.

Step 2- FRAPS:
Start FRAPS, make sure all the settings are correct, and start Shadowbane. Playback the recording you want and when you load, load the UI of the character you made earlier. Start recording by pressing F9. FRAPS slows down your computer considerably, so make sure your computer can handle it. Although videos look the best when the SB settings are on high, nobody likes a laggy video. The FRAPS recordings are huge, so make sure the recording is not too long. Use the middle-mouse button to scroll around as it gives a far smoother look in the video.

Step 3- Editing and rendering the video:
Use either Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier to edit your video. I use Sony Vegas as I find it a lot more user-friendly. The music in a video is incredibly important, so don't just choose your favorite emo-screamo song as it might very well not fit in with the video. I made this error in the beginning of my movie making career and it made many of my video shit. Try to keep the video <10min as most people will find longer videos very boring. When you are done editing, you have to render the video. Finding the right settings might take some time, but you should eventually figure it out by trial and error. Try to keep the video at less than <300MB.

Step 4- Uploading the video:
Upload the video to or another site where you can host it so you can share it with your friends!

Step 5- ?

Step 6- Profit!   

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